With What To Wear Oxford Shoes Next 2018

Let's talk about Oxfords shoes and ways how to wear them next Fall 2018. This mannish footwear is an ideal choice for Autumn days, that's why I decided to show you my favorite looks with this footwear. These shoes can be found in lots of cool colors and styles. I think Oxfords can easily become a part of your everyday outfit. I've chosen several trendy looks to share with you. Scroll down to find more.

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The origins of Oxford shoes takes place in Ireland and Scotland, they were made from leather in plain styles completed in dark neutral hues. Nowadays, Oxfords come in different styles and colors, from neutrals to bright colors and vibrant patterns. This footwear can be a part of a casual or formal outfit, that's why you are free to wear them with pretty much everything. I personally love them for that special mannish touch that makes them look and feel very special. I love Taylor Swift's street outfits, as she uses to complete her outfits with all kinds of Oxford shoes. A pair of brown leather Oxfords ideally suits black skinnies, white shirt, and black leather jacket, while a pair of black classic Oxfords can be a nice part of blue jeans, black sweatshirt, and classic wool pea-coat. Have fun with this footwear, by choosing a shiny silver or gold metallic design.

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