Street Style Must-Haves: How to Wear Suits

It's a new day and I am here to share with you a marvelous next year's compilation of street style images of ladies who appear in amazing suits. In this collection are showcased beautiful pantsuit and skirt suit designs that will easily make you look fresh, ladylike and modern. I think most of you think of these chic tailored outfits of something menswear inspired and office-appropriate, right? Believe me, there are lots of ways how to make suit look cool, trendy and modern. If you want to look fresh and less professional, then you better look through these tips and ideas on how to wear suits on the streets.

Street Style Must-Haves 2016 (1)

First of all, forget about those neutral dark colors and pick a bold color suit. It's time to stand out, so you better look for something that will make you look bright and modern. I am so in love with those crazy hues that can easily make a real statement wherever you go. For instance, try on bright red suit and style it with a cool graphic shirt or keep things fresh with a bright yellow suit. A colored suit is a perfect way to take away that business look. If you are not into bright colors, then you might like to try on cool printed styles. If you want to give that special street style vibe to your outfit, then be sure to try on a cool print suit. Believe me, prints will always liven up your style and make you feel very special. Go for abstract prints and style them with classic accessories and shirts. How about mixing and matching your lovely suits? If you are tired of monochromatic styles and matching prints, then you should let things loose and have some fun with mixing and matching different hue tailored jackets with structured pants. The result gonna look terrific and unique. Personally, I love to see ladies who opt for less structural suits. The slouchier design will make you look laid-back and give you much softer silhouette. The last but not least thing I wanted to mention is a sexy look that can be made thanks to your lovely suit. Opt for deep neckline jackets and wear them on bare skin, or choose mini shorts instead of classic trousers. All in all, you need to add a sexy twist to a suit.

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