How To Wear Skinny Scarves Next 2018

If you keep on wondering how to take your outfit to the next level, then I am here to show you best ways how to wear skinny scarves in 2018. This accessory is a great way to underline your individuality and make a wow statement on the streets. It looks like skinny scarf has finally made its comeback into the fashion world and today I bring to your attention my favorite street style combos and fashion tips you can easily copy in real life. Read on to find out more.

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If you are looking for a way to save your neck from winds, then a skinny scarf is not what you should buy. It's just an accessory that complements your look, gives serious style points and keeps your outfit put-together. I love to see women who let these scarves flow freely aside jacket or coat. You can tie them in different ways, from loosely draped around your neck, tight as a choker, or tied in a lovely bow at your neck. I personally wrap it twice around my neck leaving both ends to hang loosely. For instance, if you go for a double wrap around your neck, then you can easily add an off-the-shoulder cream-white blouse and complete it with charcoal skinny jeans and classy black suede booties. I also love to see women who wear such skinny scarves as bow-ties styled with white blouses tucked in high-waisted brown mini skirts. This is an ideal way to complete your everyday outfit.

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