How to Wear Oversized Shirts This Summer

It's a new day and I am here to share with you an outstanding street style collection of women who appear in oversized shirts. In this post, I am going to show you best ways how to wear oversized shirts this Summer. Believe it or not, but an oversized shirt is a perfect addition to almost any wardrobe. Why? These tops are comfortable, easy to wear and style. Of course, because of its exaggerated fit many ladies are afraid of wearing big shirts in their everyday lives, as they simply don't know how to style it. Well, there is a risk of looking bulky and sloppy while wearing an oversized shirt in your everyday life. That's why I am here to share with you best tips, tricks and ideas on how to make it look posh and chic. Read on to find out more and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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The first very easy tip is to tuck an oversized shirt into your lovely bottoms. If you think your boyish shirt looks too much baggy on you, then you can simply tuck it inside skirt, shorts or trousers. You don't have to do a full tuck in if you want to look model-off-duty. All you need is to add more structure to your silhouette and you are ready to hit the streets. Another great trick is to knot your top up. If you don't want to tuck an exaggerated shirt in your bottoms, then there is a chance to create a sweet-looking knot. This will make your silhouette look more feminine. Try the side knot, or knot your shirt up in the back. This styling trick is great for casual day-offs when you wear you oversized top with your favorite jeans or shorts. If you want to turn your top into something chic and voguish, then how about turning your simple exaggerated tee into an off-shoulder top. I know many ladies who are in love with muscle shirts. A muscle tee is perfect for hot summer days. These tops are easy to wear and can be styled with cute crop tops and bralettes. I love to see ladies who team their muscle-tees with sexy cut-offs or mini skirts. The last but not least is to wear big and oversized tops and T-shirts with legging or tights. Let them be your favorite go-to dresses for wearing in your everyday lives.

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