Best Shoes to Wear with Miniskirts This Summer

It's hot outside and we all want to wear something comfy, sexy and functional. In today's post, I want you to have a look through these street style images and see the best shoes to wear with mini skirts this Summer. If you have been blessed with gorgeous, slender and long legs, then miniskirt is a MUST-HAVE for you. I am pretty sure you gonna turn heads by wearing miniskirts in your everyday life. It's no secret that minis look sexy and chic, all you need is to make them work with different kind of footwear, including lace-up shoes, loafers, brogues, sneakers, mules, and other marvelous designs. If you want to know more, then you are welcome to look through this street style compilation and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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The first footwear design I wanted to mention is lace-up shoes. These It-shoes are great for showing off your uniqueness and personality. Why do we love them so much? They are sexy, chic and you can easily make a bold statement. Believe me, miniskirts is a perfect length for showing off your sexy lace-up shoes. I recommend to keep your mini skirt and top in neutral color, so everyone can see the real beauty of lace-ups. If you are one of those ladies who want to look sharp and mannish, then you should pair your sweet and sexy mini skirt with menswear-inspired footwear, like brogues or loafers. Personally, I love to keep things preppy inspired by teaming brogues with a sexy skirt and lovely collared shirt and comfy cardigan, the result looks both retro and ultra-feminine. If you are more into sporty style, then how about wearing your mini with cool sneakers? The result looks awesome, athleisure and modern. If you want to keep things classy, then you should go for plain color sneakers, whilst those of you who want to keep things laid-back, then you should complete your outfit with colorful and chic sneakers. Keep an eye on mules. These 1990's inspired shoes are ideal for wearing with miniskirts. Those women who don't have long legs, but really want to try on a miniskirt, then I recommend to try on mules. This combo will make your legs look longer and slender. The last but not least are wedges and platforms. This footwear is ideal for those ladies who want to add a summery vibe to their outfits. Plus it's a comfy alternative to high-heeled pumps.

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